Fantastic Finishes

Class: Year 3 Year: 2018 - 2019

Thank you to all the parents, carers and grandparents who were able to attend the Year 3 Ancient Egypt Fantastic Finish. Everyone had a wonderful time constructing pyramids from art straws. Once these were completed, the children added their cap stones, in the hope that their constructions would be strong enough. Everyone showed that they had excellent Growth Mindsets by aiming high and persevering in order to be successful learners.

Year 4 had a wonderful time making models with their families, of The Water Cycle using their imaginations. The children were all able to explain the scientific language used to describe the process and labelled their models correctly.

Families were treated to a presentation of the Year 5 Castleton Residential in which the children showed their enthusiasm and enjoyment of their time away with school. Whilst their favourite part of the visist was sharing rooms and eating, they also learnt a huge amount about map reading, river studies and the Blue John mine.

Year 6 created some amazing applique textiles using felt and wool. The theme was based on their World War 2 topic. In order to create their pieces, the children needed to use a huge amount of resillience and worked together to help each other out.


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