Values and Ethos

British Values and Nevill Road Junior School Statement on British Values.

  Our Values
As well as upholding British Values we also aim to help our children grow in to well-rounded citizens through instilling core values within them.
Nurture – We want all of our children to feel safe, cared for and provided with the opportunities in which to flourish – nurturing all of them to be the best they can is very important to us
Enjoyment – We want all of our children and staff to find enjoyment in each day; whether this is in learning, in play or in everyday experiences
Voice – We think it is important that our children grow and develop a voice; a sense of opinion, individuality and the sense to have a say in their ongoing learning
Independence – Our children should be developing into individuals who are self-reliant, able to do things for themselves, self-aware and able to know their strengths so they can be built upon
Love of Learning – Our aim here is that the children are provided in the right opportunities to be motivated, excited and eager to both learn ‘in the moment’ and equipped to further educate themselves in the future
Resilience – Never giving up is something we see as an essential mindset to develop within the children, having the resolve to see things through, to keep learning and to be creative problem solvers
Discovery – We want our children to find excitement in school and learning and we aim to be a place of discovery for them through new learning, self-awareness and instilling a sense of being goals-driven


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