Staffing Structure

Staffing Structure for 2020 -2021

Headteacher – Judi Cliff

Deputy Headteacher – Nicola Jordan

Assistant Headteacher / LKS2 Leader - Claire Parker

UKS2 phase Leader – Adam Baguley

SENCO – Jenni Steed

English Lead - Claire Parker / Jemma Hancock (reading) Judi Cliff (writing)

Maths Lead – Nicola Jordan  

Science Lead - Ellie Gaffney / Brian Roscoe  

History Lead - Lisa Dale   

Geography Lead - Sue Hindle   

Computing Lead - Adam Baguley  

Design Technology Lead - Moya Pratt

DEAL - Cheryl Rutherford 

MFL - Laura Campbell

Sports and PE Leader - Mrs Sophie Sheldrake  

PSHE Leader and Restorative Champion - Mr Mike Kinnear

RE Lead - Ruth Watts     

Art Lead - Amy Dean 

Music Lead - Emma Humphreys

Learning Mentor – Lynne Jackson / Carolyn Jowett

Educational Visits Co-ordinator – Nicola Jordan

School Council – Lisa Dale

Eco Council - Sue Hindle

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