Curriculum Overview

We have recently launched our new 'ASPIRE to achieve Curriculum' which consists of six 'Keys to learning'. We believe this vision and learning intent, will allow children to access an ambitious and inclusive curriculum that is designed to give all learners the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life. Here are our Learning Principles...

Aiming High    Successful     Persevere       Imagination     Respect     Enthusiasm

We Aim High by challenging ourselves in all aspects of school life.

We are Successful learners by using our growth mind set to achieve.

We Persevere by being resilient and trying our best in everything we do.

We use our Imagination to produce creative work that we can be proud of.

We show Respect by including everyone and making sure we all matter.

We show Enthusiasm by approaching all learning with a positive attitud



From September 2014, all classes follow the requirements of the new National Curriculum.

In English we follow the 'Nevill Road Way' of teaching reading and writing to ensure that all learning is coherently planned and sequenced to enable children to attain significant knowledge and skills for future learning.

We teach reading dialy through the reciprocal approach, allowing children to discuss the meaning of vocabulary, ask questions about the text and summarise key points. In years 3 and 4 many of the children follow the colour band system which continues from the Infant School. By Years 5 and 6 most of the children are free readers allowing them to choose the types of books they would like to read. All children are encouraged to visit our new library area, where we have a large selection of reading books for the children to take home and enjoy. We also have librarians who listen to younger children read, as well as a lunchtime club led by Mrs Hancock. This year we have launched our 100 Books to Read challenge in order to develop learners' confidence and enjoyment in reading.

In writing, we use a range of learning 'hooks' to engage children in their learning, particularly quality texts as we recognise the importance of reading and how this impacts on all aspects of learning. Children are also encouraged to consider the purpose of what they are writing about and who the audience is that they are writing for or reading to. The children learn how to write a range of fiction and non-fiction texts including different types of stories, myths & legends, biographies and autobiographies, non-chronological reports, instructions and arguments.

Punctuation and Grammar is taught systematically across the school, with clear end points in place for each year group. Year group spellings are also taught through a variety of activities which allow children to investigate patterns and rules. Each year group has a set of 'Bear Necessities' (non negotiables) that the children use to assess their accuracy of punctuation and spelling within their writing across all of the curriculum.

There are three main aims to the new Mathematics curriculum: to become fluent in its fundamentals; to be able to reason mathematically; and to be able to solve problems by applying their mathematics. Mrs Jordan our Deputy Headteacher is a trained regional maths mastery specialist for the North West, which means that Nevill Road Junior School is now a maths mastery showcase school.

Learners develop detailed knowledge and skills across the curriculum through our Termly Geography and History topics. When possible we make links with other subject areas but ensure that the year group end points in learning are achieved. 

PE and Sport are a huge strength of the school and we have recently won a large number of awards from the Local Authority and Stockport Council. Nevill Road Junior School was also a finalist at the Greater Manchester Sports Awards for commitment to PE and Sport. The children can access a large number of sports activities, some which are teacher led and some which are taught by external coaches. We currently provide the following sports:

Boys and girls football (year 3 - Year 6), netball, lacrosse, athletics, street dance, dance, swimming, gymnastics, tag rugby, basketball, cricket, karate, gymnastics and many more. The children also take part in a variety of external tournaments of which we are curently the reigning champions in boys football, girls qwik cricket and inclusion boccia.

We also have Young Ambassadors who run events for children in school as well as neighbouring cluster schools.

Creative arts is another strength of the school. Our extremely popular Performance Club has seen spectacular productions of a range of musicals including 'Beauty and the Beast Jnr' and 'The Lion King'. We have two specialist drama teachers who work with children across school to develop their speaking and listening skills, confidence and teamwork.

RE and PSHE are taught as discrete subjects, following the Stockport RE scheme and the SEAL programmes of study for PSHE. All areas of the curriculum also encourage the teaching of SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural) aspects of learning.

Year 6 Topic Questions

What was so magnificent about the Mayas?

What Impact did wars have on Britain?

South America – where?

Year 5 Topic Questions

What is in the Name of Bramhall?

Who won the Struggle to Settle in Britain before 1066?

What’s so special about the USA?


Year 4 Topic Questions

Can we thank the Ancient Greeks for anything in our lives today?

What impact did the Romans have on Britain?

A little ‘Pizza’ Europe- including natural disasters.

Year 3 Topic Questions
When would you prefer to live- Stone Age, Bronze Age or Iron Age?

How successful was the civilization of Egypt?

Why is the UK such a great place to live?

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